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Klamath Health Partnership Introduces Safe Medication Disposal

Community members looking for a way to get rid of unwanted or expired medications can now properly dispose of them in a drug collection receptacle located at Klamath Open Door Clinic in Klamath Falls, according to a Klamath Health Partnership news release.

Medications can be disposed of with no questions asked. The container is safe, convenient and environmentally friendly. Everyone in the area is welcome to dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications.

The drug collection receptacle is permanent. The community can bring in medications at any time and no longer wait for a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration take back event to properly dispose of it. Items that may be placed in the container include: all prescription medications, unused or expired antibiotics, opioids and other narcotics, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and pet medications. Items that cannot be accepted include trash, medical waste, syringes, hazardous waste, inhaler or illicit drugs.

Safe medication use in our homes and community is a priority to Klamath Health Partnership (KHP). People often have left over medications in the home which may lead to accidental poisonings, suicide, theft or diversion. The disposal receptacle also works to protect the environment by reducing the amount of medication in landfills and waterways.

The effort to bring a medication disposal receptacle to Klamath Falls was organized by Chief Pharmacy Officer Marcus Cox, RPh.

“Our community has an enormous need for proper medication disposal and this drug take back program will help our entire community. If this saves one life, one person, it is all worth it,” Cox said.

The receptacle was purchased with funds from Kaiser Permanente through a partnership with Lines for Life, a regional nonprofit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and suicide.

The drug collection receptacle is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at KHP’s Klamath Open Door clinic at 2074 S. Sixth St.

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